It seems like the second team Titans Trophy FIFA 23 Ultimate Team has already been leaked, but more leaks continue to emerge. And it is that, according to the Twitter account @nickycai2, Frank Lampard it would appear as Icon Trophy Titans in the objectives. While Claudio Marchisio It would come out in an SBC.

FIFA 23 – Titans Trophy Leaks

lampard in goal

Unfortunately, Lampard doesn’t look very promising as a free game. This may come as a surprise, but it should improve enough aspects to be interesting. Due to the shortcomings we see in his Prime and because we can already get midfield tier icons without spending a lot (like Essien or Roy Keane).

In his most average FIFA 23 card yet, he is a slow midfielder, with rather unbalanced dribbling, poor defensive stats and a high/medium work rate. It would therefore be necessary to correct many weaknesses to be valid.

These are the numbers from her Prime card, she is weak in many ways.

Marchisio via SBC

Claudio Marchisio is much more promising as a possible Titans Trophy. Even if I guess its cost would not be low, because the World Cup version has more than 800,000 pieces in the general market.

But he is a very balanced midfielder, fulfilling most of the important attributes for his position. Except that It has four stars for skill and bad leg, and high/high work rate. I have a feeling this won’t be a worthwhile map for all FIFA 23 users as they might be asking too much. But it has to be competitive.

In-Game Stats Marchisio World Cup Hero FIFA 23 Ultimate Team
With a solid stat boost, he could become a very valuable midfielder. But since your previous letter is for over 800,000 parts in the general market, I guess it would be very expensive.

Here you have the nominees for the next Ligue 1 POTM there an article about possible community TOTS that might be of interest. And if you want to be informed about FIFA 23 Ultimate Team news, You can subscribe to the Telegram broadcast channel. Good luck!


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