I suppose that community team It’s more flashy, but it’s not the only TOTS that arrived in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team today. We also have the Eredivisie and is made up of eight footballersXavi Simons being the one with the highest average.

FIFA 23 – Eredivisie ALL (Team of the Season)

They will appear in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team envelopes until Friday, May 5 at seven in the afternoon, Spanish time (the same as the Community TOTS)

Some Eredivisie TOTS combine some really good stats with some vulgar ones and fail in the stars. But we also find rather promising letters. I suspect that in a few weeks they will have lost much of their value due to the arrival of other teams of the season. But right now, if they didn’t have very high prices, we could take advantage of them for our FIFA 23 Ultimate Team.

Xavi Simons is the one with the most media and has updated his stars again, now It reaches four in both aspects. Some of his attributes are brutal and, although intelligence is low (70), it reaches 89 for interceptions and robberies. So we could use him as a player midfielder.

Tadic combines five skills with four bad leg. He’ll probably be a goofy guy because of his 80 agility, but the pace, shooting, passing and physical numbers are very good. So that could be another pretty useful option right now in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team.

Bergwijn also raised his stars, reaching four in both aspects and it’s quite fast. He could even be interesting as a striker and watch out for Geertruida TOTS as a centre-back. He’s not very tall but his defensive stats are solid, reaching 92 in strength and combining 89 in acceleration with 90 in sprint. Maybe it will become a kind of Icon Carlos Alberto First low cost and below you can see the numbers of each player in this team of the season.

Numbers of each ALL

xavier simons

Simons TOTS FIFA 23 Ultimate Team In-Game Stats

Dusan Tadic

Tadic TOTS FIFA 23 Ultimate Team In-Game Stats

Lotharel Geertruida

Geertruida TOTS FIFA 23 Ultimate Team In-Game Stats

Steven Bergwijn

Stats in game Bergwijn TOTS FIFA 23 Ultimate Team

St. Muhammad

Kudus TOTS FIFA 23 Ultimate Team In-Game Stats

Vangelis Pavlidis TOTS

In-Game Stats Pavlidis TOTS FIFA 23 Ultimate Team

Orkun Kokcu

In-Game Stats Kökçü TOTS FIFA 23 Ultimate Team

Joey Verman

In-Game Stats Veerman TOTS FIFA 23 Ultimate Team

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