When we publish this article, there are only a few hours left before Second Team FUT Fantasy Cards Drop FIFA 23 Ultimate Team packs. And one of their footballers is Eden Hazard, who at the moment it reaches 650,000 pieces in the general market.

That’s a hefty amount, but it could improve his stats while also being a bit cheaper than other expensive options like the special Vinícius builds. Would it be an interesting signing? Well, I want to talk about it because I’ve used it before.

Positions: EI and MI. Its current price is 650,000 coins on the global market and 711,000 on PC (according to Futbin.com). He has four skill stars and a bad leg, medium/medium work rate, his own body type, is 1’75 tall and right handed.

FIFA 23 – Eden Hazard Fantasy FUT Review

It’s more convincing in the old-gen version of FIFA 23, but in the next generation it was a disappointment. He performed below what I expected and I feel the reason is his own body type. It seems that in this gameplay it hurts more than it benefits.

Although Eden Hazard Fantasy FUT has favored dribbling numbers, on the ground it doesn’t look so exquisite. He’s not clumsy, but he’s not the typical very electric player either. His body type resembles Balanced and also gives the impression that the pace is slower.

As he combines 99 accelerations, 98 sprints (with Cazador as his chemistry), 1’75 in height and 76 in strength; the logical thing would be that it behaves very well in long races. Not that he’s someone brutal with spaces, but he’s totally okay due to his speed and physical condition. However, in the game seems a bit slower. I guess because of the body type.

Since his dribbling numbers aren’t as good as he’d like and he doesn’t reach five stars for skill or bad leg, He is not a spectacular attacker at short distances. It doesn’t look much more special than other much cheaper FIFA 23 players. The leap in quality is not very big.

Yes Facing goal, he does more than enough but without being one of the best finishers. We like the “Quality Shot” and “Outside Shot” traits, and the numbers for Positioning (89) and Shot Power (89) are very good. But with a completion at 85 and a long shot at 84, it’s not a deadly shooter. It does not achieve the exceptional in this facet.

While as an assistant, he is much more convincing. In this era of FIFA 23, it’s not that surprising, but his vision (90), short passing (91) and long passing (87) qualities are excellent. Hazard Fantasy FUT can often be decisive with his throws into space.

He is therefore an attacker without serious shortcomings and who stands out in certain aspects. That’s why it works well It is valid for competing templates. But not great, especially in the next-gen version. Playing with it, I didn’t feel much difference with much cheaper players.

Real Madrid FIFA 23 Ultimate Team Competitive Card Examples
Real Madrid has many special versions in FIFA 23, although some of them are quite expensive.

So is it worth it?

In the old generation it works better, but anyway I do not recommend it as a signature. It’s expensive for what it offers in the field, especially in the new generation. There, it seems his own body type is taking its toll on pace and dribbling, making him less snappy in dribbling and slower than the stats indicate.

He’s a perfectly fine striker for competitive FIFA 23 teams. He doesn’t have a spectacular dribbling, but he’s far from clumsy. He meets the stars, as an assistant he works well and on set he doesn’t clash. But paying what it currently costs seems very excessive to me.

In fact, it is curious that Last year’s Winter Wildcards were quite similar in many ways. And at that time its cost was ridiculous. Now, Fantasy FUT has room for improvement but, if he does not change his recent in real football, he finds it difficult to achieve individual performance improvements.

As FUT’s anniversary may begin soon (like a leak) and your players would rise to the stars if they kept the style from other seasons, I wouldn’t spend so many coins on that player. Because already “unspecial” and is likely to further reduce its value over time. That more and more competitive cards come in and their stats stand out even less.

Recommended Chemistry Style

  • Hunter: His acceleration will reach perfection and the sprint will increase to 93. While the shot numbers will be very decent but not spectacular, he will have 93 positioning, finishing and shot power.
Main Belgium FIFA 23 Ultimate Team Special Versions
His nationality mattered more in other Ultimate Team seasons (maps thanks to FifaRosters.com).

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