In the last hours I have published other articles very similar to this one but for Santander League, Bundesliga, a league there premier league. Because as you probably already know, in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team FUT Champions New Day we can get interesting envelopes thanks to the Milestones group “FUT Champions TOTS Opening Day”.

Some of the goals call for winning matches in the Champions Finals using full elevens from the top five leagues. That’s why I made these kind of messages, in case you intend to complete these challenges but your teams in major competitions are weak in certain positions. If you are in this situation, you can use some of the footballers I recommend. Because although they are very affordable, they have the conditions to perform decently. Cleared that up, let’s go with the list.

FIFA 23 – Gangas Ligue 1 for this FUT Champions

letters thanks to

Letters that I would recommend even in competitive models

  • Spence Future Stars (20,750 on the global market and 23,000 on PC): His vision is horrible (57), but it’s still a pretty decent LD. It does not conflict with the ball, dribbling numbers work better thanks to the Slim Body Type. And although he came to FIFA 23 a long time ago, his defensive attributes are still very good. Besides the fact that he combines 81 in strength with 1’84 in height.
  • Medina SIF (41,500 overall and 31,500 on PC): Short central defender (1’84) but with quite good pace, convincing defensive stats for this era of Ultimate Team, and 90 strength.
  • Tagliafico Fantasy FUT (48,750 worldwide and 50,000 on PC): I wish he had extra pace points and a bigger height, he’s only 5’7. But due to his defensive attributes, he is almost always reliable at the back. With the ball, I’d appreciate getting more than three stars for skill or a bad leg, but it’s more than compliant with driving and safe driving.
  • Boufal Path to Glory (26,250 worldwide and 35,000 on PC): Tends to loosen up a bit on long runs and is far from the top scorer. But he’s quite good as an assistant, good at dribbling and achieves five stars for bad leg.
  • Jonathan David FIF (28,500 on the world market and 33,500 in CP): Attacker who could be much better at dribbling and whose vision is vulgar (83). But still, it is very complete because, over short distances, it takes advantage of its five stars for bad footing. While in long runs, taking advantage of his strength of 88, and in front of goal is usually pretty safe as the finish is perfect after applying Hunter.
  • FIT analysts (20,000 globally and 24,000 on PC): His positions are DC and SD, but I recommend using him as a winger during matches. Because there it will be less disturbing that he only has three skill stars and a bad leg, and we can take advantage of his complete statistics. Since it naturally reaches 99 steps, we could use it with chemicals like Artist or Finisher.

Decent for FUT Champions objectives but uninteresting in the normal eleven

  • Pallois Centurions (20,750 overall and 19,000 on PC): It’s more correct in the next-gen version of FIFA 23, but in both we notice that its pace is much better. Although he can also camouflage it on many occasions thanks to his good defensive stats, height of 1’89 and strength of 97.
  • Guendouzi World Cup Phenomena (63,500 Global Market & 70,000 CP): Balanced midfielder who performs well on both sides of the pitch. His pace is a bit loose but correct, and he doesn’t usually clash with the ball or when it’s time to protect our own goal.
  • Traore Out of Position (21,000 worldwide and 28,000 on PC): A lot of his defensive and passing stats are cheap, but since this CDM already hits 90 pace naturally, we can use him with Powerful as chemistry.
  • This path to glory (38,250 worldwide and 55,500 on PC): Physically weak but good attacker. By combining 98 accelerations and 95 sprints, we could improve a bit on other aspects with chemistry or perfect timing after applying a style like Motor or Falcon.

The source of the prices is and (logically) they could vary when you read this article. Hope this helps and here it is the list of nominees for the next LaLiga Santander POTM. Cheers!

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