Trophy Titans is an event focused on old players, and many Icon SBCs have appeared recently. Well, after talking about Roy Kean there Robert Pires, now came the turn of Carlos Alberto Prime. The Brazilian is available as a transferable in the FIFA 23 Ultimate Team market, but also we can make it untradable through your Squad Building Challenge. And here are my impressions of him after using him as both LD and centre-back.

Positions: RF, CAD and DFC. Its current market price is 635,000 coins on the global market and 594,000 on PC (according to He has three stars for skill and four for bad leg, high/medium work rate, balanced body type, is 1’80 tall and right-handed. I recommend using it with Shadow.

What would we have to sacrifice to make it non-transferable?

  • a model of unique bronzes.
  • a model of unique silvers.
  • A model with 84 on average which includes a player from Brazil and an IF or FUT Champions card.
  • Two models with 87 on average and one of them must include an IF or FUT Champions card.
  • A model with 88 on average.

FIFA 23 – Icon Carlos Alberto Prime Review

He’s quite competitive both as a centre-back and as a right-back, but I think like LD it’s not very special. In other words, other much cheaper alternatives may offer a similar level, only slightly worse. Especially in attack, since defensively that’s where he stands out the most.

However, as a DFC I consider it much more valuable. Not someone perfect because his height is low for this position (1’80). But it makes up for it with the excellent pace, because right now it’s a luxury to reach 99 in acceleration and 98 in sprint with chemistry. That’s why it makes a difference compared to the other options.

Some FIFA 23 cards have a similar speed and can be used as centre-backs, but they don’t have his defensive stats or 89 strength. Because in addition to being fast, Carlos Alberto Icono Prime has 90 interceptions, 89 intelligences, 91 interceptions and 90 tackles.

Those defensive numbers are much more noticeable in the full-back position. And his height of 1’80 ceases to be short to be good enough. For that He is one of the most trusted LDs behind Ultimate Team.

However, I don’t consider it that special for this position as we have much cheaper alternatives that work the same Or just a little worse. As happens for example with Lahm Icono Titans Junior TrophyAlexander-Arnold Centurions or De Marcos Fantasy FUT.

And although his passing numbers are very useful in attack (it is not normal to combine 87 vision with 91 short passes), his conduct is barely decent. At 1’80, having a balanced body type and lacking certain dribbling attributes; He is not someone who surprises with his dribbling. Besides the fact that in the stars he only conforms, he achieves three stars for watermark and four for bad leg.

So is it worth it?

By no means does this seem like a bargain to me because in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team we have very cheap and high performing cards. But As a central defender, I consider it special at the momentbecause it is not normal to combine his speed with defensive statistics.

He’s not perfect for this job. the height of 1’80 sometimes takes its toll. Especially when the rival manages to overtake us in the race and we try to unbalance him with struggles from behind. There, it works much less well than the other DFCs which are around or above 1’90. Especially if the enemy attacker is someone tall and with some strength, like Torres Icono Trophy Titans or Mbappé.

But removing this weakness, In other situations, it usually works quite well. His speed and defensive stats mean he almost always hits the right spot. At the right moment, he cuts a lot of passes and is precise in the steals. Apart from the fact that, although it’s a secondary aspect for this position, taking the ball from behind is quite good. It greatly facilitates the start of the game.

I wouldn’t sign him or spend downs on Carlos Alberto Icono Prime if he will play as a winger. Because of the alternatives we have already found and because, if the TOTS follows the dynamics of other seasons, many level LDs could appear.

But if it will be DFC and you have a lot of socks or a high budget then this seems like an interesting signing to me right now. Perhaps in a few weeks many power plants with a similar speed and cheaper will appear. But in FIFA 23’s current situation, I think it justifies its price. And it’s reminiscent of Maldini Baby when his SBC came out (late December) because he makes up for the lack of wingspan with speed, good placement, and precise flight.

I leave you here an article on possible community TOTS that could be very interesting. And if you want to be informed about FIFA 23 Ultimate Team news, you can join telegram broadcast channel. Good luck!

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