FIFA 23 approach the reception Ultimate team one of the favorite events of the gaming community year after year. Obviously, we refer to the The team of the season. We mention it because a few minutes ago we met the first nominees of the TOTS community. We will know more details soon, but until then we have to continue with the news of the game and that brings us to a few CCSPlayer choice that can be interesting. Go for it.

SBC “81+ Player’s Choice”

We will count the margin up to friday april 14 at seven o’clock in the afternoon (time of the Spanish peninsula) to carry out this thematic improvement. the reward will be a player’s choice between three cards with an average of 81 or more. We can repeat it as many times as we wanteven if the footballer we choose it will not be transferable.

  • Player Quality: Exactly Gold
6,350 coins in general market and 6,550 in PC

SBC “Player’s Choice 82+”

This other challenge will also be available until friday april 14 at seven in the evening (Spanish peninsula time). The prize will consist of one player chosen from three players with an overall rating of 82 or higher. It will be repeatable ten times every 24 hoursbut the map we choose it will not be transferable.

  • Exactly 11 players: Single
  • Player Quality: Exactly Gold
FIFA 23 Ultimate Team SBC 81+ Player Pick 82+ Player Pick
7,700 coins in general market and 7,700 in PC

We find options similar to the improvements that arrived yesterday. In other words, we recommend them if you open packs and receive a lot of low to medium sized untradeable regular player gold. If a lot of them are unique, we’d go for the +82 player pick. If they are not unique, then by +81 unless you want to complete the milestones related to “improving the distribution of trophies”.

Here we leave you Team of the Week (TOTW) Prediction 24. We encourage them to follow us on our Telegram broadcast channel to find out when we release new articles about FIFA 23.

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