Besides the fact that we have free content for the purposes of the new friendly online and of FUT BirthdayToday, a ridiculously priced pack reappeared in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. And it is that The “FUT Anniversary Booster Pack” is back.

This pack was already released last week when the event started. And now it’s available again with the same price and features. It costs just ten coins and includes ten unique gold players with a guaranteed +85. As well as a seven-match loan FUT Birthday Player Pick that will include three options.

It’s the same as last week’s wrap and is available again for seven days, until April 7 at 7 p.m. Spanish time.

All items in the FUT Anniversary Starter Pack are untradable, but it still seems very interesting because it has a ridiculous cost and allows you to try your luck. And as also happened the previous Friday, another more expensive pack arrived which includes a FUT Birthday Swaps token.

The pack with the exchange card receives the name of “About the FUT Birthday Rod”. It costs 85,000 coins or 500 FIFA Points and will include (in addition to the token itself) ten unique gold players with a guaranteed +86 and a FUT birthday player choice on loan for seven matches which will display two options. And all content would be non-transferable.

This is the third pack to appear in the Ultimate Team Store and contains one FUT Birthday Swaps token. But, based on what was explained in a FIFA team statement and what happened in previous rounds of exchanges, the logical thing is that these cards are not part of group thirty. We hope that they will be additional and that we can add about thirty without having to buy these boosters.

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