FIFA 23: After completing this SBC they will give us another FUT+ Anniversary Token Cheats

FIFA 23: After completing this SBC they will give us another FUT+ Anniversary Token Cheats

The second week of the event FUT Birthday came to FIFA 23 Ultimate Team with several novelties under the arm. One of them is the inclusion of another CCS thematic to add an additional Swaps token. Before showing you the details of this challenge, we must remind you that we already know The ace Statistics Official FUT Anniversary Transferable Players who landed in the game todayin addition to digits new letters Icon.

SBC “FUT 19”

We will be able to carry out this DCP until friday april 7 at seven in the evening (Spanish peninsula time). the reward will be an Electro Prime Players pack (guarantees a +80 card) and a Wild FUT Birthday (Ngoy) token. cannot be repeatedalthough the cards that touch us will be transferable.

  • Max Nationalities in the workforce: 4
  • Minimum clubs in squad: 3
  • 1 player minimum: Single
  • Minimum team star value: 75
  • Minimum 22 Alchemy points total for the team
4,650 coins in general market and 5,550 in PC

The envelope does not look spectacular, but it is transferable and we receive a FUT Birthday Swaps Token. SO we recommend this SBC.

we leave you here Premier League’s Bukayo Saka POTM SBC Analysis. We recommend you take a look at our official Telegram broadcast channel to keep you informed of all the news of the game.

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