We continue to cover all news regarding the event from the The team of the season In FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. Before solving this DCP, we want to remind you that between yesterday and today we have shared so much Guide as review of Joelinton ALL. Now yes, we go with the content of this article.

SBC “TOTS Challenge 2 (EXP)”

We can meet this challenge until Friday May 5 at seven in the evening (Spanish peninsula time). The prize will consist of a pack of eight Premier League players. will not be repeatablebut the cards that come out of the pack will be transferable.

  • Minimum 5 players from the same league
  • Minimum nationalities in the team: 4
  • Minimum clubs in squad: 4
  • 1 player minimum: Single
  • Minimum team star value: 80
  • Minimum 27 Alchemy points total for the team
7,650 coins in general market and 7,500 in PC

Although it is more expensive than that of the Netherlands, We recommend it to try your luck at the Premier League TOTS and continue to progress through the season pass.

Here we share them Luuk de Jong’s SBC analysis TOTS Moments. Don’t stop following us on our official Telegram broadcast channel for any news happening in the game.

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