FBI arrests 19-year-old in Florida after threat of mass shooting against LGBTQ people at university

FBI arrests 19-year-old in Florida after threat of mass shooting against LGBTQ people at university

Sean Michael Albert threatened to attack LGBTQ people and posted a photo of an automatic weapon. According to authorities, when confronted, he said it was from an ironic message and a joke, but the man had a history of violent behavior.

Amid a wave of unchecked gun violence, the FBI has arrested 19-year-old Sean Michael Albert, who allegedly threatened a mass shooting against LGBTQ people at Florida State University.

Albert was charged with interstate communication of a threat to injure a person after allegedly posting an image of an “AR-15 style” rifle on December 13 with the FSU address and a later date and time on the social media platform. Discord.

According to the officials, Discord provided the Internet Protocol (IP) address information for the post and traced the post back to Albert, who was in Washington, DC.

He was confronted by FBI officers at the Orlando International Airport.

“After providing three possibilities for why the FBI would want to talk to him (none of which involved illegal activity), Albert responded that it was probably because he ‘made a post online that could be perceived as a mass shooting threat.'” I was reading the criminal complaint against Albert.

According to the complaint, Albert told FBI officials that he “did not believe his post was illegal” and that he intended it to be “ironic,” “satirical” and “a joke.”

The firearm used in the photo was taken from a post on another social media site, Reddit, according to the complaint.

According to FBI interviews with Albert’s apartment manager, Full Sail University security manager, and Albert’s roommate, he had “a history of violence and a concerning pattern of behavior.”

“In particular, Albert is assessed to have moved quickly from making controversial statements online to confrontations with classmates and in online spaces, as well as direct confrontations with people outside of his university,” the complaint read.

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