The father of a Dell H. Robison High School student is facing charges of child abuse and assault after he allegedly got into a fight involving his son and another student.

Jose Montes, 39, checked himself into the Clark County Detention Center Monday morning after Clark County School District Police contacted his attorney, according to Lt. Bryan Zink.

The fight took place near the school on Wednesday April 12 and the police learned of it the next day.

The images show a man in the middle of the fight surrounded by many students. The video appears to show the grown man kicking a student, who is on the ground, in the head.


On the other hand, in front of our cameras, the mother of the alleged victim, Melissa Rodríguez, indicated that the minor is not in the hospital and that she is at home, but indicated that she had the consequences hits.

He insisted he wanted justice for his son. He also said the incident started between two students until Montes burst into the fight and started kicking and punching with his hands.


Montes is scheduled to appear in court in Las Vegas on Tuesday morning.

Here are the charges he faces:

  • Child abuse/neglect
  • Coercion with force or threat of force by an adult
  • Contributing to the delinquency/negligence of a minor
  • Interfering with a student attending school

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