When Mr. Ángel Morales, 64, was not taking care of his grandchildren, he was probably with the love of his life. His wife of 28 years, Melba Morales.

But on Friday, something happened that they had never imagined: “they called me saying he was dead”, says Ángel’s daughter-in-law.

When he returned home, he had to tell his family the harsh truth.

The family says Angel was driving a Cod supply truck when he collided with a Miami Police Department cruiser. Shortly before noon on Friday.

Two officers were injured in the crash at Northwest 25 Avenue and Northwest 28 Street in Allappatah.

She says Angel had retired, but was working part-time to earn extra money.

According to the victim’s daughter-in-law, who became her mother, she is facing the most difficult emotional challenge of her life.

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