More and more people linked to artificial intelligence are warning about its misuse and the risk of it being in the wrong hands. And that’s exactly what happened to Alberto Chicote this weekend. His social media was filled with notifications after several images in which he was seen being held by various state security forces spread like wildfire.

The chef hallucinated pickles with the photographs and wanted to make it clear on all his social networks that everything was fake for the sole purpose of defrauding people who clicked on the links that accompanied the images.

“The editing is so crude it’s hard to believe the message and those sending it are trustworthy. But just in case I make it clear. THIS IS ALL WRONG. They are appropriating my face to put it in a montage and try to rip off the unwary. Be very careful with these people!!!” the chef and TV star tweeted on A3 Media.

A situation that took over from a similar configuration that involved another star of this same platform: Susanna Griso. Montages created by artificial intelligence that can pass for real in the eyes of people who are not used to doubting that everything that is seen on the Internet is not real.

“The editing is so crude that I thought there was no need to deny it but the police advise me to do so to avoid possible scams. I have never invested in cryptocurrencies nor recommended their purchase “, he tweeted. Susanna Griso from his official profile.

There was also no shortage of reactions from other stars who, in all likelihood, will end up falling victim to this scam attempt. This is the case of santiago safe who replied to Chicote: “Impressive. This shit is going to be more perfect and less crude every day with artificial intelligence. . there is nowhere to catch them. Regrettable”.

And as always, on Twitter there was no shortage of those who wanted to put a humorous spin on a rather serious matter. “Okay, but let’s talk about this legal loophole that will make any Spaniard rich”, “Yeah, yeah… what you don’t want is to share this loophole…” or “Until what the Avengers stop you, I don’t believe it” were among those who had more interactions.

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