For those who don’t know, howling waves is a title like Genshin Impact that in fact he can become the first to give him serious competition, surpassing what he has achieved Tower of Fantasy at his time. Thus, this title is highly sought after by fans of the genre, gachapon, waifus and marios, which is why it also raises many doubts.

This article will be used to collect absolutely all important information about rustling waves, its developer, its release date, the platforms for which the game will be released, the characters known so far and much more. You want to know everything ? Well keep reading!

All information about Wuthering Waves

Then the information will be divided into blocks which can be larger or smaller, depending on the number of details on each section. Let’s go to the first thing, which is release date.

Release date

Currently, the release date of howling waves not confirmed though it will be in 2023. What we know is that there will be a closed beta And the date of this is known, so if you want to play the title, I leave you the information on this beta below.

closed beta

It is confirmed a closed beta for Wuthering Waves. I leave the details just below:

  • this beta version It will begin on April 24.
  • The end date of the beta is unknown
  • The way to play the beta was with a beta sign-up that ended on April 14, so currently there is no possibility to play the beta if you haven’t registered before
  • The beta should contain all content from the first version of the game as if it was the final game, only that it will serve to give feedback to the developers


This title, like many other gachapon games, it will be totally free. It will be a free-to-play game in which you can advance without problems if you do not want to pay, but where you can speed up obtaining characters and/or accessories with real money.


It is confirmed that Wuthering Waves is coming to PC and mobile devices. Its arrival on consoles is unknown, but it is very likely that it will eventually reach these if its success on PC and mobile is very high. And if the community asks for it to come to consoles, then it surely will. Of course, that will be later.


We are going to something of the most interesting in the game, and that is take a look at all their characters, designs and see what the official website have to say about them. To begin with, it should be mentioned that the characters are called Resonators in the universe of Howling Waves.


  • Weapon: Sword
  • Membership: A stranger
  • Element: A stranger
  • Anniversary: A stranger

Rover is actually the protagonist, who can be a boy or a girl. Awakened with an unknown past, Rover embarks on a journey to uncover the truths. As secrets are revealed, Rover makes deeper connections to the world.


screenshot 2023 04 18 at 172610
  • Weapon: Sword
  • Affiliation: Huanglong
  • Element: Ravaged
  • Anniversary: August 31

It’s Danjin. Danjin is a member of the Midnight Rangers, and she is very calm and quite adorable. He is also someone who values ​​and cares a lot about his family. Within the regiment, everyone cares for her as if she were their little sister, so Danjin strives to reward their kindness in his own way. Although his emotions can be very heavy at times, this is Danjin’s unique way of expressing his love. Unable to understand her scattered and strange past, she is determined to look to the future.


screenshot 2023 04 18 at 173156
  • Weapon: auricator
  • Membership: black ribs
  • Element: Fusion
  • Anniversary: March 21st

An’ke is a member of the Black Shores Union which exudes purity and tenderness, and is always accompanied by two Woolies, these being Cosmos and Cloudy. Since Cosmos is the embodiment of his painful past, Cloudy will always be a reminder of his true caring self. An’ke’s happiness cheers everyone up as if daylight breaks through the night, but few know of her fears in the face of darkness.

The life

screenshot 2023 04 18 at 174503
  • Weapon: Mandoblé
  • Membership: Huang Long
  • Element: Aero
  • Anniversary: December 14

The commander of the Midnight Rangers, Jiyan, is a man of righteous heart and resolve. He is able to turn the slightest breeze into the sharpest spear. His lifelong experience in battle and as a leader on the front lines against the Lamentation, allowed him to witness the truths and cruelties of the world. Being a commander comes with decision-making duties, some difficult and painful, but none let him down.

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