It happened on February 3. A train carrying an unknown quantity of toxic products derailed near Eastern Palestine, a small town in the state of Ohio, a few miles from the border with neighboring Pennsylvania.

Information began to flow through the local media, which reported the immediate evacuation of the population. Not everyone did: some 500 inhabitants of eastern Palestine, as well as the beaver county, in Pennsylvania, they refused to leave their homes, according to statements from local officials collected by CBS. And despite this, three days after the accident, the decision was made to carry out a controlled burning of the contents of the wagons.

It’s not just any waste: according to the British newspaper The Guardian, at least 50 of the wagons – half of the total – transported vinyl chloride, a highly toxic substance which is dedicated to the manufacture of pipes or the coating of cables, and whose presence in the air is highly carcinogenic. Additionally, when burned, it releases hydrogen chloride and phosgene, a mixture that can be deadly. All of this led some media to refer to what happened as “The Ohio Chernobyl”, in reference to the biggest nuclear disaster in history, which took place in 1986 at the Chernobyl power plant in Ukraine.

the great conspiracy

Whether or not that much, the images impress. In the photographs circulating like wildfire on social networks, we can see a huge black cloud rising tens of meters from the ground. With it came the consequences for local flora and fauna. According to local authorities, there have been countless fish and farm animal deaths in the surrounding area.

From there, it’s all speculation. Some of the most surreal. The coincidence in time with the shooting down of the Chinese spy balloon which flew over the United States, followed by the enlistment of several unidentified objects in the skies of several states of the country, led many Internet users to consider that it is acts coverage to hide the true gravity of what happened in Ohio. The word UFO has been a Trending Topic for several days on social networks like Twitter, where all kinds of conspiracy theories rub shoulders.

The situation has even led the White House to speak out on the matter. This Monday, spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre offered a press conference in which she assured: “There is no indication of extraterrestrials or extraterrestrial activity in these recent teardowns. I wanted to make sure that the American people knew and it’s important that we say it from here after the fall of the Chinese spy balloon were of “extraterrestrial origin”.

Beyond the alleged UFOs, it seems clear that the opacity shown by Joe Biden’s government is not exactly helping to shed light on the facts. In recent days, there has even been the detention of journalists who reported on the case. This is what happened to Evan Lambert, correspondent for the television station News Nation, while reporting from eastern Palestine. After spending five hours in detention, he was released. “No journalist should be arrested for doing their job. I think it’s very important that this doesn’t happen in our country,” he said as he left the police station.

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