Joker He is probably the most famous villain of CCbut in recent years he had to escape the DC Extended Universe in the cinema to shine as it deserves. However, Joker has a long history as a movie characterstarting with a brief appearance in a film by Batman of the 60s, and ending with the imminent Joker 2: Double Madness.

What were the best projects you appeared in? And what is the worst adaptation? I’m Ranking All The Joker Movies From Worst To Worstand you probably already guess who is in last position.

Suicide Squad – Jared Leto

Jared Leto He’s a brutal actor who even in the worst movies (Morbius, without going any further) makes his characters shine. However, the actor and singer played the worst Joker possible, partly because of the cropped editing of suicide squad. He was nothing more than a prop for Harley Quinnwhose Margot Robbie He played masterfully.

Batman (1960s) – Cesar Romero

In the 60s, Joker had a small role in the film born from the hit TV series. Obviously it didn’t appear much as the bad guys were there through a tube, but there’s no denying that Caesar Romero he didn’t fit the character when the script allowed him to.

Cesar Romero, as the Joker in the 1960s film (1966)

Batman – Jack Nicholson

I’m not a particular fan of the version of Jack Nicholsonespecially because his physical appearance takes me out of context a lot. But the actor did a great job and perfectly matched the image of Tim Burton’s villain.: that he took over the show, subtracting the importance of the superhero himself.

The Dark Knight – Heath Ledger

The black Knight It remains to this day the best film of Batmanbut also one of the best joker movies. Unlike the physical evolution the villain underwent in the film starring Joaquin Phoenixthe version of health book he sets up as an antagonist to be feared, who just wants to watch the world around him crumble. And his presentation is just as brutal as the face-to-face conversation with Batman!

Joker – Joaquin Phoenix

It was hard to choose between Joker of health book And the one of Joaquin Phoenix. For many, the actor who will bring the best version to life will be the second, but personally, Joaquin Phoenix made me feel sorry for his character. And at the end of the day, Joker is a villain to feel sorry for. That’s what was debated at the time: maybe it’s dangerous to make a movie in which you sympathize with a real psychopath, afflicted with various mental illnesses like schizophrenia. But it is precisely the realization of Todd Phillips as a director and screenwriter, and Phoenix as an actor.

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