You can find this title on the PlayStation Store for just €10, but it’s not worth it.

I often bring you information about a sale on the Nintendo eShop, Xbox Store, or PS Store that you might like. Basically, in the form of a recommendation. And beware, there is really great offers, I therefore recommend that you pay attention to Areajugones if you do not want to miss any interesting offers. However, today I come to do the exact opposite: prevent you from making the mistake of falling for a seemingly succulent offer of a game at a really low price.

What kind of game does it have to be for it to be a bargain on the PS Store and still not want to recommend it? Well, I’ll tell you below. First of all of course you can always end up buying it, and sure that there is someone who could love him very much, but most likely almost 100% is that you see it boring from the start, so you can save the money it costs even though its offer is attractive.

Don’t buy this game even if it’s on sale

  • In fact, I’m talking about empire of sin
  • Its usual value is 39.99€, and now it’s only €9.99
  • Even so, It’s a game that failed to stand out at all and has a very low score on Metacritic
  • If you want to try it out and you subscribe to PS Plus, this game is included in the Extra level. But if you are not a subscriber, you can save the 10 euros that it costs without a doubt
  • I leave you a video below, in case you want to take a look:

Too bad this game hasn’t turned out so well since. empire of sin was created by himself John Romero, one of the fathers of the FPS genre since he invented sagas like DOOM, earthquake oh Wolfenstein. In fact, the term Deathmatch in games it is invented for Romero, he is therefore truly a historical figure in video games.

Why is it better not to buy Empire of Sin?

Mainly because you can find equally cheap deals on much better games that they are going to give you many more hours of entertainment from minute 1 and surely you haven’t played. This title is not something insufficient either, but it does not stand out at all, it is boring and it tries to be too ambitious, failing many in the attempt.

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