Evaluna Montaner there Camilo Echevarry They are one of the most endearing couples in the industry. Since their meeting, they share the progress of their relationship with their tribe, all the followers who have fallen in love with them.

They don’t hesitate to make public how much they love each other and we could see from their courtship to their wedding, the birth of their daughter and all the times they had together during these years that they were together.

Being Camilo’s birthday, we expected romantic congratulations from his wife and we were not disappointed. In his 29th anniversary He dedicated to her one of those messages that make many sigh and that does not suit those who repel the cutesy.

“My husband to me. The father of my daughter. My best friend!! You’re celebrating your birthday and I don’t know what I can tell you that’s enough for you to know how I feel about you,” he began by saying.

“I’ll just tell you that it’s a privilege to love you and be loved by you. It is a privilege to be able to share this day with you again. First birthday where the word “dad” wakes you up and it’s a dream come true for me. I love you a little more every day. Happy birthday maibeibi”, he concluded by saying.

And with these words, she shared a series of photographs of herself with her husband which clearly show that they are inseparable and have managed to form a family to be envied.

final surprise

And there, surprise, the last photo of the reel was a Camilo fully naked in the shower. “Tribu, you are welcome for the last photo”, he left in postscript.

And of course, the thanks came immediately for this photo, the one of the ten he shared is the one that generated the most comments.

  • Evaluan knows how to brighten up the tribe
  • The tribe thanks you
  • I know Camilo and I can sleep in peace now haha
  • Yes, the last photo is appreciated hahahaha but more to be able to testify to a part of his great love.
  • Raise your hand and put a like on the one who saw all the photos quickly to get to the last one… . Thank you Eve
  • The last picture haha
  • The last photo I stayed like this

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