Harry Potter actress claims her dad gave her wine and water with meals

Emma Watson She’s one of the best actresses of her generation, but as many of you know, she’s on temporary retirement with no return date. After playing in 2019 in the new version of little womanWe only saw it in Harry Potter: Return to Hogwartsthe documentary of the saga in which he grew up at the same time as many of us. When will he return to the cinema? Very good question, because at the moment there is still no answer. Nor did he mention it in his interview with How to spend it (The Financial Times)but yes of a habit she picked up in childhood and remembers today in a special way.

Emma Watson’s Last Confession and Wine

According to herself Emma Watsonthere came a time when she felt bewildered when he met other teenagers and they were attracted to alcohol. What is this surprise? His father gave him wine and water with meals:

Emma Watson drank wine when she was little

I was quite surprised when other guys got excited about drinking alcohol. My father gave me wine and water with meals since I was a child. That’s why I was quite confused as a teenager and everyone thought alcohol was like forbidden fruit.“, admits Emma Watson. Of course, in his own words, he doesn’t hold any grudges against his father, he just considers him a childhood memory of his.

Emma Watson’s new professional challenge outside of the cinema

Emma Watson gave this interview to the magazine how to spend it accompanied by his brother alexander, and I assure you that their physical resemblance is undeniable. The two decided to pose in casual clothes, nothing formal. And why did he speak with his brother? because both have taken on a new professional challenge, moving even further away from the world of interpretation, by launching a new brand of gin on the market. Good luck to Emma Watson and Alex Watson in this adventure!

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