“Assistant pharmacist. Graduated in Pharmacy, Orthopaedics, Nutrition and Dietetics. Classical guitar at the Conservatory. Masters in faculty. Autonomous, emancipated and financially independent for years. Kairo’s mother, a precious Shiba Inu. And besides, with a talent for illustration”, a broken resume to which one cannot put a but and to which it has not been put Restaurant Mejide. This is how the publicist defined his new girlfriend, Natalia Almarchaa few days ago in the networks when he came out to defend his girlfriend again.

The rumors had been fueled more than ever in recent months. After ending his marriage to Laura Escanes, the presenter found love again in a 27-year-old girl. However, despite the fact that love should always be celebrated, on this occasion and yet again, Risto found himself embroiled in a controversy over his daughter’s age.

Edurne’s opinion

Both are part of the jury To have talent and although in front of the public, Risto Mejide always has the impression of being a cutting-edge guy, the truth is that behind the cameras his colleagues have always praised him. The program aired for eight seasons and, judging by the good relationship that exists between them all, including Paula Echevarría, Dani Mateo and Santi Millán, they already know each other more than well.

snowy it is found happier than ever, just as excited. Her career is at a very positive moment and she is immersed in her new professional project. During one of the promotional events held in Madrid, the artist was one of the most anticipated faces of the photocall, a place where, in addition to talking about his musical successes such as strawberries and champagnehe couldn’t avoid not talking about one of the topics of the moment.

After commenting with applause and heart emojis on various Instagram posts in which his colleague To have talent He resisted criticism of the age difference in a couple, Edurne gave her opinion on her new sentimental phase“He’s my friend and as long as he’s happy, I’ll be happy,” he said.

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