I’ve Got Talent: All Stars He returned to the screens this Saturday, April 15. As in every edition, the Telecinco program has as jury three of the most famous faces of our country: Paula Echevarria, Edurne and Risto Mejidewhile Santi Millán assumes the role of presenter.

As usual, before or after each performance, the members of the jury have time to discuss among themselves while the technical team prepares the scene. It’s been reality TV many times conversations with each other and let us see their most human and natural side, away from the cameras. That’s exactly what happened on this Saturday’s show with Risto and Edurne, who have shared a table for many years.

The future of your daughters, similar to that of their parents?

The TV host and entertainer enjoy a friendship that goes back years, and that’s what friction makes love it makes a lot. During a break, they both had a conversation during which they talked about an issue as important to them as their daughters.

Edurne asked Risto if his daughter Roma, from his relationship with Laura Escanes, ever told him what she wanted to be when she grew up. “And Rome, what’s up?” Are things you like coming out already? A question to which the publicist did not hesitate to answer: “Like yours, actress Or something to do with the stage”, he said provoking a “how cool”, from the partner of David de Gea. Apparently, Yanay is also interested in the world of the performing arts , which would make it the little ones will dream of having a professional future both very near and far away like their parents.

This caused Edurne and Risto to reflect on how time flies and how the children grow up without realizing it: “The eldest is already 13”, says Risto proudly. “It’s just that I love Julio”, confessed for his part the artist. She is a teenager, is not it? I was asking. Still with a resigned face, Risto replied: “Full”

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