The number of leaks regarding FIFA 23 and EA Sports FC has been huge over the past few days. For example, we recently talked about FUT Champions Rewards y the possible arrival of a batch of Swaps. But be careful because the Twitter account @FootSheriff seems to leak a list of possible icons and heroes for the next video game.

Although a very important detail is that, as he says, this list would not be definitive. From their words, I feel like they would test them somehow, but not every old player would be in Ultimate Team. And it’s also unclear who icons might be and which heroes.

So this is a list of possible former football players for EA Sports FC, but we might see changes depending on the Twitter account. @FootSheriff. And among the names we find some that could excite more than one. For example, they are Agüero, Robben, Ribéry, Tevez, Sneidjer and Kompany.

EA Sports FC Leak – List of Possible Icons/Heroes

  • Tevez
  • Kompany
  • Sneijder
  • Presage
  • Robben
  • Ribery
  • Bobby Charlton
  • Future
  • Zico
  • Giully
  • Rosicky
  • Ramires (he repeats it twice, but I don’t know if he is referring to the same footballer or to several. I assume it is the Brazilian midfielder who played for Chelsea).
  • Arda Touran
  • Beasley
  • Berbatov
  • Vialli
  • John Rice
  • Kanu
  • francescoli
  • Nakamura
  • McManaman
  • Lazarazu

Each person will have different tastes but, in my humble opinion, the list is pretty good. We have several notable stories, but also many players who were part of football’s elite until relatively recently.

I imagine that people like Agüero, Robben or Ribéry will excite a lot of people. Some should suffer from significant gameplay weaknesses. For example, I doubt Arjen will hit four stars for bad leg in most of his builds. And being new, I imagine they would have high prices.

But anyway, I would find it very interesting review these names in Ultimate Team. Even more so if Icons and Heroes continue to receive Event Cards in EA Sports FC.

Many of these potential former EA Sports FC players have featured in recent issues of Ultimate Team (maps thanks to

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