Mobile video game YouTuber reveals how much money it cost him to max out a new ULTRA, and the numbers are chilling

I played Dragon Ball Legends practically since the release of the video game a few years ago, and despite the fact that I had stoppages for a while, in the end I always end up coming back. As someone who isn’t one to spend money on this type of video game, on more than one occasion I’ve wondered how much money it should cost to max out the rarest characters. Well, my favorite video game youtuber answered the question and… mamma mia.

This is the money it will cost you to max out an ULTRA character in Dragon Ball Legends

So I leave you like this Tweet by Raiyuden in which he revealed How much money did Dragon Ball Legends cost to put 14 stars in the new Kid Buu Ultra which came out a few days ago:

Basically, what should be clear to you is the following:

  • To begin with, Raiyuden explains that up to 5 base stars, it costs a total of 45,000 CC (the in-game currency). Later he had a bit more luck down to 12 stars because he only needed another 15,000 CC. Last resort, reaching the last 14 stars required an additional 60,000 CCwhich, in total, puts your maximum spend for that character in a total of 120 thousand CC.
  • From what I could find in the in-game store, the most expensive and unlimited offer of all is the one that sells you 2000 CC for around 49 euros. Let’s see where things are going?
  • Taking into account that Raiyuden had surely already saved some CC, it is very likely that the final expense to maximize this Kid Buu ULTRA was between $2,500 and $3,000.

Of course, considering that Kid Buu’s banner ULTRA guarantees one SP on each of his throws, it’s obvious that there’s more value to be gained in the process than just maxing out that character. On another side, You also have to take into account the luck factor., because in the end the summoning mechanism remains a kind of slot machine. In any case, given the volume presented, it seems to me surely the most indicative that you will have the opportunity to see as to the cost of maxing out an ULTRA character, which makes Dragon Ball Legends a quietly the most expensive game in the franchise.

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