Mock gunfire, chaos and a heavy deployment of police were part of a realistic active shooter exercise that took place this Wednesday in Doral.

Doral Police Chief Edwin López explains that in these cases “we don’t know where an active shooter is going to happen. We are looking at many cases in the country of active shooters and it has happened at a concert, in the theater, in a school.”

Police say this is a situation they hope they never have to face, but they must be well prepared to save lives, so “we know that every second counts”, warns López, chief of Doral Police.

The officers involved in this exercise had no idea what they would be up against. In this particular exercise, there were two simulated shooters.

“The first, in a restaurant… The second, in a cinema hall… While the victims cried out for help, the paramedics also intervened on the scene.” And in this scenario, the authorities had to act.

“It also helps us create a very difficult situation for the officers because when we have blood, victims crying out for us, it helps us in terms of preparation”, explains Edwin López.

Doral Police conducted this exercise with various law enforcement agencies, such as Miami-Dade, Miami Springs, Sweetwater, among others.

“Each department has different policies, but when it comes to active shooter, we’ve united all agencies to make sure we respond and communicate as quickly as possible,” said Doral Police Chief López.

The drill comes a week after a shooting at a Nashville school killed three children and three adults.

According to Doral Police, these drills take place several times a year and are designed to be as realistic as possible.

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