This weekend, the musical focus was on Coachella Festival held in the Indus. A festival that has become the darling of people for several years and which always gives us great titles.

In this edition, they allowed us to see Rosalia there raw alejandro who have become one of the cutest couples in the industry since announcing their marriage. But we’re not going to focus on them but on Franck Ocean who was one of the headliners on Sunday.

Those unable to attend the festival were able to follow it on YouTube via stream for the first time in its history. And there was a lot of anticipation to see Frank Ocean. After several years without new material and after canceling his concert in the pandemic edition, there was a desire to see him. Until bad bunny there Kendall Jenner they stopped to see him. Even Rosalía did a Frank Ocean cover a few years ago. It is clear that he has many admirers.

huge disappointment

Maybe that’s why the disappointment was so great after learning that his concert was not going to be broadcast. The signs of indignation were not long in coming on social networks where thousands of people expressed their anger.

Concert there was, but the rapper was late, missed some of his biggest hits and finished too soon, after only an hour and a half of concert. Come on, a performance that drew a lot of criticism, which, together with the fact that he did not want to sell his own product at the festival, made many cry to heaven.

Those who are short of power, They had to resort to the recordings circulating on the networks to listen to it. Of course, the fact that he confirmed there was an album on the way dampened this sit-in somewhat.

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