At 23, Diego GarisaMore He became one of the most projected actors of his generation. welcome to edenthe series which has just returned to Netflix with its second season, has put it on the radar of show audiences, but many others know it for his participation in an Aitana music video. Only a few months ago he became the singer’s lover in the audiovisual version of Once again. However, he has not forgotten what for him is already one of the most special projects of his career.

Aitana has nearly fifteen million monthly listeners on Spotify and one of those devotees is Diego Garisa. The performer has been a fan of the singer since her debut, so being the protagonist of one of her music videos was a dream come true. “It was an amazing experience because I was already a fan of Aitana since Operation Triumph. When my reps told me their team had inquired about my availability, it was a resounding yes.“, he explains to LOS40. “I wanted to do it. I love it and the song freaked me out. She is wonderful and made everything super easy for me. I would do it fifty more times.”

As Diego points out, the filming of Once again It was a unique experience. It was her first time modeling for a music video. However, what he loved the most was sharing a photo with Aitana and seeing firsthand that she was as normal as she looked. “It felt very natural to me over short distances, just like I’ve seen it on TV. It’s always cool because sometimes we idealize a famous person and then it turns out he’s an asshole. Aitana is a very normal aunt. She’s obviously a star, but we were talking about normal things, things our age.” And adds:I enjoyed watching her work with her team. It’s a very well made group and, being part of the 1% of their career, it’s a very beautiful memory.. Every time I watch the video, I get so emotional.”

Finally, how could it be otherwise, Diego Garisa reviews Aitana’s discography, choosing his favorite songs by the artist. “I really like FormenteraI’ve listened to it a thousand times,” he says. “Now I’m quite surprised at the turn it suddenly has. Angels. It’s so cool all this electronic sound. And from the first ones he released, I’ll take you will stay. He’s always played for me.”

Diego Garisa and Amaia Aberasturi in the second season of “Welcome to Eden” / netflix

It’s unclear if Diego Garisa will work with Aitana again in another music video or even in a series or movie now that the singer has already made her acting debut in The last. For now we can tell you that if you want to see Diego in action you just have to go to Netflix and watch the second season of welcome to eden. The new chapters are addictive and his character, Ibón, brings some surprises. You can’t miss this!

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