Despite the restrictions, a crowd participated in the Carnival festivities in Tilcara without masks or social distance

Despite the restrictions, a Crowd participated in the Carnival festivities in Tilcara without masks or social distance

Without chinstraps or social distancing, hundreds of people participated this Saturday in the Jujuy town of Tilcara in the celebrations for the beginning of the Carnival, despite the restriction measures and recommendations that the provincial government had established for the occasion.

As can be seen in several videos that circulated in the last hours on social networks, tourists and residents took to the streets en masse for the traditional celebration of the Unemployment, very popular in the Quebrada de Humahuaca region.

However, the images generated concern because they show, in addition to the well-known troupes, young people and adults crowded together and without respecting health protocols in the framework of the coronavirus pandemic.

According to what the local media reported The Tribune, one of the recordings that circulated the most on Twitter corresponds to the presentation of the Tilcarean group of comparsa “Few but Crazy”, which would have been attended by hundreds of people.

Looking to the start of the long weekend, the Jujuy Ministry of Culture and Tourism had already warned that hotel occupancy was at capacity limit both in the Quebrada de Humahuaca, as well as in cities in the valleys, in the center and south of the province.

A few days ago, and precisely on the occasion of the arrival of Carnival, the provincial government published the Decree Agreement No. 2670, which established a series of measures and restrictions on circulation for these dates.

-The recommendations of the authorities for this Carnival-

Among those limitations, the administration of Gerardo Morales placeholder image ordered that between February 11 and 16, inclusive, all mass outdoor events, public and private, could involve up to a maximum of 100 people.

Likewise, the Executive Power ordered that in the activities for the Unemployment and the Burial (Carnival closure) could have a maximum of 20 members per troupe and each of them should be provided with personal protection elements and at all times preserving the distance of at least two meters.

Specifically, regarding the protocols and recommendations, he stressed that in these meetings, the proper use of the chinstrap must be observed, covering from the nose to the chin; perform frequent hand washing and use alcohol gel; stay in open or naturally ventilated spaces and avoid sharing glasses, bottles or utensils.

The protocol for this case also details that “the agglomeration of people in neighboring areas will be avoided” to those celebrations, in which “Dances will not be allowed” and “traditional invitations” will not be allowed either.

On the other hand, controls on income to the province were also intensified, since only local residents can enter, those who already have a reservation of accommodation or those who come from neighboring Salta.

Although at the beginning night restrictions were also implemented, given the low arrival of tourists The government made this measure more flexible and decided to extend the hours for gastronomic establishments in Humahuaca, so that the businesses that were authorized to serve the public until 22, can do so until midnight, while those that had authorization to operate until the 0 hour, can now do so until 2 AM.

Finally, the authorities also highlighted the importance of staying at home and avoiding attending any meeting in the presence of symptoms compatible with the coronavirus, however incipient they may be.

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