The short relationship I had with Hi-Fi Rush on day one of its Xbox Game Pass release can be summed up in a series of concrete steps: I installed it on my PC, I freaked out in color, I started having a lot less more free time than I wanted. I would have liked this week and I said to myself: “I will play it to the fullest when I have a long time to dedicate it exclusively to him”. And here we are now, several months after its release and with the same desire as on the first day to be able to see it again.

And it is that Hi-Fi Rush has been a complete success in terms of reviews: each time I see more people who are delighted with the game after playing it but… How did the game go financially? This is precisely the question the insider known as Jeff Grubb wanted to answer; one of those people who for some reason seems to know 90% of the gossip that goes on in the video game industry.

How has Hi-Fi Rush fared money-wise?

  • The information comes from last chapter of the podcast they Jeff Grubb
  • Grubb comments that Hi-Fi Rush Didn’t Make The Money Xbox Expected At The Time
  • What would have been the reason when the game exudes quality? Maybe it was due to the idea that Microsoft didn’t devote a powerful marketing campaign to it, although there’s still no way to know
  • On the other hand, Grubb wonders what is the point of launching Day 1 games on Xbox Game Pass if sales are also important for the company, since people’s normal behavior is to enjoy a game on the service if it’s already available there

What do you think of Hi-Fi Rush? Have you ever tried? I read you in the comments.

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