MIAMI.- The new Central Florida Tourism Supervisory District Board of Directors appointed by State Governor Ron DeSantis, with control of the territory in which the Disney theme parks are located, voted on Wednesday measures to impose to the entertainment company.

The new DeSantis-backed board thus gives itself greater authority over Disney to make decisions on planning and development issues in Lake Buena Vista, where the entertainment company’s parks are located.

Central Florida Tourism Supervisory District Chairman Martin Garcia, backed by DeSantis, unveiled the changes he advocates, including a tax hike on Disney.

Garcia stressed the need for new revenue in part to cover expenses incurred to deal with Disney’s legal efforts that were trying to undermine the governor’s control over the newly constituted council.

Local media reports that the entity, hand-picked by the Republican governor, also voted to invalidate last-minute deals reached between Disney and the former board that limit the power of action of new supervisors.

The measure represents a new step in the dispute that DeSantis and Disney have had for months, which has its origins in the company’s disagreement with the controversial “Don’t Say Gay” law on the ban in schools. address issues of gender identity. .

DeSantis, who signed into law Feb. 27 that Orlando’s Disney Parks are no longer self-governing, said Monday that the Florida legislature has the power to revoke agreements and that a bill is in the works to nullify those reached in the last minute. between Disney and the Reedy Creek Improvement District.

According to WESH 2, the Central Florida Tourism Watch District voted unanimously today to approve Resolution 639 which gives it authority over Disney and set April 26 as the date for reading and public hearing of the resolution.

Lawyers for the aforementioned entity, the chain points out, said the previous agreements are void because Reedy Creek, the official name of Disney World in Lake Buena Vista, where the Disney parks are located, did not send a notice. by mail to all affected owners before holding a public hearing on the plan, in addition to their lack of power to approve the agreements.

The board voted to invalidate deals favored by the previous board last February, which include deals with Walt Disney Parks and Resorts.

Along with the board meeting, Florida state legislative committees are working on an amendment to state law to allow the agreements to be invalidated.

DeSantis attempted to take control of the Disney-controlled district in February, a move aborted by the company-backed board that approved deals that adhered to decades-old regulations.

On February 10, the Florida Congress, whose two houses are dominated by Republicans, approved the law promoted by DeSantis for the state to take back the Reedy Creek Improvement District, after more than half a century of autonomy.

Disney had entered into perpetuity agreements that limit the power of action of new supervisors and at one point refer to the King of England.

Members of the new board appointed by DeSantis to lead the district have shone a light on these deals, realizing they are not allowed to have free reign.

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