Democrats increase their majority in the Senate by winning Georgia

Democrats increase their majority in the Senate by winning Georgia

Georgia has had to hold a second round of the mid-term elections since on November 8 none of the candidates exceeded 50% of the votes

The United States Democratic Party has increased its majority in the country’s Senate on Tuesday with the victory of its candidate in the state of Georgia, which narrowly won the candidate of the Republican Party.

According to projections by The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times, Democrat Raphael Warnock defeated Republican Herschel Walker , giving progressives 51 seats in the Upper House, compared to 49 for conservatives.

A second round has been necessary

The elections this Tuesday in the southern state were the second round of the mid-term elections held on November 8, in which neither of the two candidates managed to overcome the barrier of 50% of the votes.

Despite being one of the most expensive Senate races in US history, the battle between Warnock and Walker has ended up being much less consequential than it could have been, as the Democrats had already secured control. of the Senate.

Even if the Republican candidate had prevailed in Georgia and therefore the number of seats in the chamber had been distributed 50 to 50, the casting vote of the US vice president, the Democrat Kamala Harris, would have served the progressives to prevail in the elections. votes.

The campaign in Georgia has had the involvement of former Democratic president Barack Obama (2009-2017), who went there in October and last Thursday once again stressed to voters in the area that if power had stayed at home two years ago of the Upper House would now have been in the hands of the Republicans.

In the mid-term elections, the Republicans regained control of the House of Representatives , so as of January 3, the date of the start of the new Legislature, the division of Congress will make it difficult for the current president, Joe Biden, to implement his agenda until the end of his term in 2024.

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