Democrats in the House of Representatives are getting ready to pass an electoral and ethics bill, in response to restrictions on voting rights pushed by Republican-dominated state congresses.

The plan, which encompasses all aspects of the electoral process, will limit what is known as partisan gerrymandering (distribution of electoral districts), will impose a ban on voting stumbling blocks and will promote transparency in financial reporting of the campaigns, as reported by NBC Boston.

House Leader Nancy Pelosi said Tuesday that “our purpose is to remove barriers to participation for Democrats and Republicans. That is what the law requires, and it is the right thing to do. ”

However, for Republicans, the bill will be a massive expansion of the federal government’s role in elections, repealing state laws limiting voting access in the name of security.

Republican Rep. Rodney David said that if the bill passes, “it would be the biggest expansion we’ve seen of the role of the federal government in our elections.”

This bill, which will surely be approved this Wednesday by the Democratic majority in the Lower House, has been a priority for Democrats since they assumed the majority in 2018.

We explain how Georgia’s election result changes the legislative game and leaves Mitch McConnell out as Majority Leader.

And it came back to prominence with Donald Trump’s unsubstantiated allegations of voter fraud.

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