Delisio has completed its first private sale round of over $ 4 million, led by Galaxy Interactive, Republic Crypto and Alameda Research, with Anthos Capital, Eureka Meta Capital, Y2Z Ventures, Tess Ventures, Zonff Partners, Infinity Ventures Crypto, Lucid Blue Ventures, Unix Gaming, Ancient8, PathDAO, YGG SEA, Mask Network, Smarti Labs, Metasense DAO and other institutions participating in the investment. As the world’s first PLAYABLE AAA web3 MMO game, Delysium is currently under accelerated development and is expected to be released by the middle of this year.

The funding will be used primarily to support the game’s production and ecosystem, at the same time, Dellysium is also aiming to launch its Alpha and Beta version with a PVP tournament in the middle of this year.

Delysium’s background is set in 2045 when humans discover a wonderful land in the decentralized virtual world and call it “Delysium”, which begins a battle between the real and the virtual world.

In Delysium, there are real digitized humans living with MetaBeings, who are native residents born in the Metaverse. During a series of battles and struggles over interests, power and resources, it is entirely up to the player to decide what the future of Delysium will be.

Features like cyberpunk, open-world, MMORPG and UGC style will offer abundant gameplay and experience in Delysium. Players can earn loot (tokens, NFTs, game assets, etc.) by joining various game modes and sell them on the market or consume them to upgrade character / weapon / clothing with higher numerical values ​​in PVE modes or to create buildings such as as well as crafting weapons / cyberbodies with skins on their own, etc.

All physical assets of players in the game, including Meta-beings, virtual creatures, cyberbodies, weapons, vehicles, environmental items, can be equipped, combined and upgraded in Dellysium through self-production or trade. Players will also be able to easily create their own narrative assets, including dialogue models, behavioral models, decision-making models, storylines, missions, and other custom entertainment scenarios made up of AI-powered MetaBeings.

Compared to the current web3 gaming industry, which is represented by turn-based strategy games or collectible card games, Dellysium emphasizes diverse and extraordinary open-world MMORPG 3A experiences, including battles, exploration, construction, cultivation, MetaBeing gameplay driven by the artificial intelligence to push the web3 gaming industry to the next stage, transforming “Play to Earn” truly into “Fun to Play, Play and Earn”.

Delysium is led by rct AI , a technology company incubated by Y-Combinator. Yuheng Chan, CEO of rct AI & Delysium, said: “Thanks to the joint efforts of multiple internal partners and teams, we are working closely together to accelerate the development process of Delysium. We believe that Delysium will become a bridge between web2 and web3 players and we also aim to have Delysium as an anchor to continue exploring the future of web3 through AI ”.

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