This new technology and its installation was the main reason for a press conference in which it was announced that it could mean a major blow to the theft of opioids from pharmacies.

And this, the message to the crime of the authorities: “we will make it more difficult to steal these drugs, so that they do not kill our young people”.

During the press conference held this Tuesday morning, Ricardo López, regional director of the chain of stores and pharmacies CV”, announced the implementation of a new technology.

“Timed vault that essentially prevents immediate access to vaults.”

O sea, una tecnología que no impactara al cliente, pero sí a la delincuencia y que ha sido implemented en las bóvedas donde las farmacias maintienen las drugs conocidas como opioides de unas 838 tiendas en todo el estado de Florida, y unas nueve mil en todo the country.

“Now it’s that in the pad where you enter the code there’s a wait time that’s what we explain as time-out technology, to prevent drugs being taken illegally on the street and to keep our streets healthy,” says Lopez.

As explained, the impact of technology has been proven to reduce the number of opioid thefts by 50%, currently considered the epidemic of the 21st century..

“All these drugs are going into what’s called the black market because they’re stealing here from these stores and reselling them on the streets. So what’s happening is that young people or people with drug problems addiction buys it, then you have the deaths which are numbers that are high,” says Miami Dade Police Superintendent Freddy Ramirez.

And we point out that the technology that has been implemented in other stores such as Walgreens has been tested in the city of Indianapolis, where it meant a reduction of up to seventy percent in drugstore thefts.

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