The $1,556,855 million Powerball lottery winner has yet to claim his money and if he doesn’t by April 24, 2023, he could lose his prize.

The California Lottery said it is still looking for the person who purchased the ticket last October in Santa Clara County.

In the October 26, 2022 draw, two people won by matching five draw numbers.

“The winning ticket sold in Southern California has already been claimed, but the other sold in Santa Clara County remains a mystery,” the California Lottery reported.

The second ticket, which has yet to be claimed, was purchased at the Mobil gas station (formerly 76) at 15380 Los Gatos Boulevard in Los Gatos.

The numbers corresponding to the winning ticket were 19-36-37-46-56, only Powerball number 24 was missing.

In California, Powerball winners who match five numbers have 180 days to claim their prize from the time it was drawn.

If the ticket is unclaimed, the money will go to California Public Schools.

Since 1985, the lottery has awarded more than $1 billion to schools for unclaimed prizes.

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