Local media were the first to report the news. State security forces and bodies are looking for Jose Maria Bisbalthe older brother of David Bisball, 54 years old who disappeared this Tuesday in Roquetas de Mar.

At 6:53 p.m., the singer’s sister-in-law reports his disappearance and immediately a land, sea and air research protocol. Nothing fancy or exceptional, but what is usually done in these cases. José María was driving a light gray BMW X6 car and authorities requested the citizens’ assistance in locating him.

Marine Forces started because the brother of one of our most international singers He likes, like him, spearfishing and diving and it is not excluded as a possible hypothesis of his disappearance. Although the researchers also considered, according to Nacho AbadMoreThey also investigated whether the cause of her disappearance was related to depression.

Yesterday he left a revealing message on his social media: “You disappointed me Lupe, when you came in desperate and crying from work because of the mistreatment of your boss, I listened to you and I understood, not only that, but I looked for alternative work for you. Now it’s me who has trouble at work and the only thing you tell me is that tomorrow we each have our wayWell, each his own way…”.

Case solved

It seems like José María is not having a good time and that he married at the beginning of the year as a second marriage. Once his wife lodged a complaint after not receiving a response to her appeals, the cooperation of citizens was sought and the case was resolved.

There are not many details yet, but we know that the search operation called an ambulance for where it was located somewhat bewildered.

The family, who have not commented publicly on what happened, have surely experienced moments of anguish in recent hours. But You can now breathe easily because the result was happy. It now remains to know the details of what happened and what motivated this disappearance, but already with the peace of mind of having found it. And it is that if there is something that Bisbal values ​​above all, it is the family.

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