The world of Botox and the scalpel never ceases to amaze us. When it seemed that few things could leave us speechless, life happens and surprises you. This is exactly what happened to us with Daniela Requenawho has occupied the news in recent days before his latest and controversial aesthetic retouch. The influencer dared to go through the operating room to undergo one of the most significant changes: changing the color of her eyes, known in the world of surgery as keratopigmentation, and for which she has been criticized.

Apparently, the young woman had wanted to undergo this change for some time and so, she passed it on by Save me luxury, the Mediaset show which she attended as a guest last night, Friday March 10. Aware that not everyone saw her latest touch-up well, the trans activist wanted to take to the Telecinco set to show off the result, which she has already done on her social media since the news went public. . Daniela Requena changed her eye color and it went from having them brown to having you blue.

Experts have cried out in the sky by defining this retouching as a dangerous procedure that can cause major long-term vision health problems. Something that Daniela Requena doesn’t seem to have cared much about because, despite the pros and cons, she opted for change. Indeed, the young woman revealed that it is difficult to find professionals who perform this type of surgery in our country: “I had to go to Paris to do it, but a few months ago I discovered a place in Madrid that did, it was my great opportunity“.

As if the aesthetic change wasn’t already very controversial, Daniela revealed in luxury sage what was the price you had to pay to change the color of your eyes. Nothing more and nothing less than 7,500 euros. A figure that left us all speechless!

Su “business” con Tom Brusse

The trans activist also revealed in luxury sage some details about her affair with Tom Bruse, the ex-survivor and ex-partner of Melyssa Pinto. The young woman clarified some intimate details of their relationship and revealed with a laugh how much they appreciated all the time they shared together.

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