Tornadoes in Southern California do not occur as often or as intensely as elsewhere.

However, the event that happened in Montebello left many doubts about what should be done if it happened in a community where they rarely appear.

In the aftermath of a tornado, and while cleanup efforts continue, those affected should act quickly to submit claims to their appropriate insurance carriers.

Dozens of residents spent the day cleaning up debris left by the tornado that swept through Montebello.

People need to determine the damage and the cost of repairs, whether it’s to their home, business or vehicle. But above all, you need to know if your insurance will take care of compensating you.

When it comes to a vehicle, 85% of people have what they call comprehensive auto insurance, a requirement demanded by dealerships, notes Judith Ruiz of the Insurance Information Institute.

This type of damage, Ruiz points out, is covered because the fault lies neither with the driver nor with any other person.

If the damage was to a business or residence, insurance typically covers the damage, Ruiz said. Just review the policy thoroughly to determine what it covers and the deductible you must pay.

In the case of a business, other losses such as business interruption due to damage or loss of revenue can be recovered. Those reimbursements could help it pay the salaries of its employees, Ruiz said.

Ruiz advises not to wait too long to file claims to avoid delays as insurance companies process thousands of claims for other damages from acts of Mother Nature that could have happened elsewhere.

Our meteorological authority explains the formation of a tornado.

The most important thing is to document all damages and contact your insurance agent immediately.

“Take photos of the damage immediately and keep receipts for any temporary repairs,” Ruiz said.

Insurance experts also recommend taking photos and videos of every room in the house and valuables once a year as a precaution.

It is also important to contact your insurance agent to check that your coverage is up to date because with the high costs of building materials, the coverage may not be enough to rebuild the house.

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