NEW YORK – A spring storm is expected in our area. The weekend will start with rain, but will end in a pleasant way.

Let’s start with Friday which will be mostly dry with highs in the mid-50s and showers possible south of the five boroughs. Then comes Saturday with the storm.

So pack those umbrellas as you are sure to need them as a spring storm approaches which will bring rain, the possibility of a few thunderstorms, strong gusts of wind and even a wintry mix to parts of our region from here. SATURDAY.

Some of us might even need it on Friday, with a line of precipitation moving along a southerly stall front with rain over central and southern New Jersey and even in the metro area of south. With lots of cloud and a chance of a few showers, Friday’s highs will be in the 50s.

An even colder day awaits us on Saturday, starting with snowfall and ice in the northern and inner suburbs and cold rains over the rest of the region. Around noon, a line of thunderstorms could develop moving west to east, with drier air in its wake, ending the dinnertime precipitation. The sun will return on Sunday, which will be the most beautiful day of our weekend with sunny skies and much milder temperatures.

Following? Check the 10-day forecast

Temperatures rise again on Sunday as we get back into the 60s and abundant sunshine returns. We have a few clouds on Monday, but it will be mostly pleasant with highs in the mid 50s before temperatures drop to around 50 on Tuesday. After this weekend, we don’t see any chance of rain until Wednesday, and everything looks set for the Yankees’ home opener on Thursday.


High: 53 degrees. Possible rain, especially in the south. Cloudy night with a mix of rain and winter early in the morning in the north and lows in the 40s and 30s.


Maximum: 48 degrees. Mixed showers in the north and possible thunderstorms in the afternoon.


Maximum: 62 degrees. Partly to mostly sunny with a breeze.


Maximum: 56 degrees. Partially sunny


Maximum: 50 degrees. Partly sunny, rain in the afternoon.

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