It is without doubt that Daddy Yankee He is one of the greatest legends of the urban genre on an international scale. Their songs crossed borders and wrote the first pages of the history of sounds that are now heard around the world: reggaeton.

One of the songs considered a true anthem of the genre is Gasoline, that even over time, every time it rings at a party, its attendees can’t help but react emotionally in unison. Almost twenty years have passed since its publication, but Gasoline continue to make history.

And we don’t say it, but the United States Library of Congress Record. And it is that it is the first reggaeton theme recognized by the Library as one of those that have transformed culture and changed musical history. An honor that Yankee himself wanted to highlight with a few kind words on his social networks.

For this child who grew up in Santurce, a song “Gasolina” that was born in a neighborhood of Puerto Rico and is recognized by the “Library of Congress” as one of the songs that transformed culture, changed history music in the world and the United States is something I never dreamed of. And the most beautiful thing was in Spanish. When you do things with love, passion, determination and discipline, and to all this you add the support of all my beautiful people for more than three decades, everything you dream can be possible.- DY”, confides- it on his Instagram account.

As expected, the news was also celebrated by his followers and by lovers of a genre he pioneered. “Best of all time,” said one. “A lot of respect every day for you. Everything you accomplish is impressive,” adds another.

Despite announcing his retirement, Daddy Yankee has shown he can’t dissociate himself from music so easily. And it is that he has accompanied her for decades and has allowed her to realize all those dreams that she once thought of. For this reason, he continued to collaborate with other artists. One of the most recent is Rauw Alejandro, who had the talent of DY on his album Saturno. Panties and Bras is the title of the collaboration they brought to life.

And you, can you imagine a world without Daddy Yankee? And without gasoline?

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