“Dad, you’re a chingón”: the moving farewell of Luis Miguel Salvador for the death of his father

“Dad, you’re a chingón”: the moving farewell of Luis Miguel Salvador for the death of his father

Through an emotional message on his Twitter account, the director of the Venados FC de Yucatán team, Luis Miguel Salvador, reported the death of his father; this a week after the death of his mother, Josefina López Barrero.

“Dad, you are a chingon !! You were by Mom’s side for more than 63 years and now that she has gone with God, you couldn’t bear not being by her side and you followed her same path. That is True Love !! Eternal thanks for all that you were for Me !! I will miss you!! Rest in peace!!”, he expressed.

Before the news, some sports personalities sent their condolences to the former manager of Rayados, wishing him prompt resignation.

One of them was the sports journalist, Sweet Moncada, who wrote on the same platform: “Ufff, Luis, how strong for you. I send you a hug with great affection and rest in peace. Prompt resignation for you and your whole family”.

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Likewise, the Technical Secretary of Rayados, Eduardo Valdez, express: “Luis, I can’t think of a way to know and understand what you’ve been through in the last few days. I hug you very tightly”.

“I had the opportunity to meet him. QDEP and my condolences dear Luis Miguel Salvador.” Said the sportscaster, Carlos Moreno.

Other figures who sent their condolences were the football teacher for Atlante, América and León, Raul Gutierrez; the Technical Director of Masters Real Madrid, Cirilo Saucedo; the driver of Passion W, Alejandro Gomez; the sportscaster, Javier Alarcon, among others.

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Just the past 6 of April, the former leader of scratched also he said goodbye to his mother after her death through the same platform.

“Mom, Thank you for everything and so much !!! I’m going to miss you a lot and I know that from heaven you will be taking care of us !!! Do not forget to send me your blessing from there as you always did before each game !! I love you a lot!! Rest in peace!!”, it read in the publication of his Twitter account.

On that occasion, the former footballer also received support from the sports community, including his team, Yucatan deer, as well as his old house, the Rayados from Monterrey; both groups posted their condolences on their official accounts.

As a result of the samples of support he received, Miguel Sandoval thanked the words and messages that they sent: “I want to thank you for all the messages and expressions of affection that I have received. They are great details that strengthen and make this penalty lighter. From my heart, infinite thanks to all! Blessings today and always !! ”, he said through the same platform.

(Foto: Twitter @LMiguelSalvador)

The soccer career of Luis Miguel Salvador started on 1989 with your admission to Atlante Soccer Club, in which he served as a forward and won the league title for the 1992-1993 season.

By 1995, the player would be traded to Monterrey Soccer Club in which he would remain two years before continuing with the Athletic Celaya, where he would play two more years and then return to Atlas, team where he ended his football career in 2000.

Later, he entered the administrative field serving as Director of the Rayados de Monterrey and later of the Venados de Yucatán, a position in which he currently works.

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