This May Day in Cuba passed without a parade, as the government would have announced a few days ago, alluding to the energy crisis that the island is going through.

After the cancellation of the traditional parade in the Plaza de la Revolución – recognized by the regime itself – due to the economic crisis, the concentration for the Havana promenade was finally suspended.

Ulises Guilarte de Nacimiento, secretary of Cuba’s Central de Trabajadores, said at the time that the reasons were “particularly due to fuel insurance limitations”.

The government said that the activities would take place in the provinces, but they were also postponed.

On a national channel, Cuban television announced that “due to the climatic instability which has caused heavy rains in several provinces of the country and forecasts for the next few hours”, the events have been suspended.

According to the television news itself announced this Sunday, it was expected that “tomorrow, May 1, there will be good weather conditions, with a slight chance of rain”.

A dissonance to which Cubans who experience deficiencies within the island itself and many of whom showed Monday on social networks the alleged bad weather that were expected, do not escape.

“I live in Vedado and my mum told me the temperature was like never before, bright sunshine,” some said.

The parade in which many took part took place at gas stations, where dozens of Cubans lined up since dawn to buy fuel.

“I’ve been queuing here for almost 20 days, bro. And I slept all night here,” some from the island reveal.

For the past two decades, Cuba has been dependent on Venezuelan oil, but the Maduro regime cannot support itself, let alone Cuba.

For this reason, Havana resorts to its new allies: Mexico and Russia, but with what is arriving on the island from these countries, this is not enough. Everything has gotten worse since the war in Ukraine

And it is that running these vehicles is an almost impossible mission, the crisis affects public transport and food distribution, while medicines and medicines are scarce.

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