Of the new round of talks that are opening today between the representations of Cuba and the United States, we only know what a State Department spokesman said, which will be limited to the question of immigration.

For analysts on the Cuban question, this is a routine meeting, from which no major announcements should be expected. “Since the dialogue was restored in 2002, these conversations must take place every six months”, explains Guenady Rodríguez.

The last such talks took place in November last year, in Havana, but this time they will take place in Washington.

From previous meetings, little or nothing was leaked to the press. Some time later, announcements came such as the resumption of consular services in Havana and humanitarian parole. Both, to try to stop irregular immigration.

Although humanitarian parole has met the expectations of the federal government, irregular immigration remains. By sea or by any other means accessible to Cubans. This is the case of the pilots who arrived in a fumigation plane and in the Delta wings, owned by the Cuban government.

Although everything is limited – according to the White House – to a question of national security for the United States, a very considerable sector of exiles does not support this type of meeting.

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