Since its premiere on March 3, Creed III did nothing but garner critical acclaimboth in the press and for the general public. The long-awaited third part of the spin-off of the saga Rocky It already had, since before its theatrical release, 90% of positive reviews on the famous portal Rotten Tomatoes, which is in charge of collecting the opinions of the specialized media to know the percentage of acceptance of the tapes.

Since then, it has managed to maintain this excellent rating, counting today with an approval rating of 88% from critics, out of a total of 275 reviews, and an incredible reception of 96% by the public, with more than 2,500 users giving their opinion. view of the film.

Is Creed III really a success?

The franchise has been a huge success so far, raking in over $173 million and $214 million from its first two films, respectively, but the latest installment in the Son of Apollo saga hasn’t been far behind, and it has already brought in more. $100 million worldwide in its first week alone, with an initial budget of “just” $75 million, which demonstrates the overwhelming public acceptance of its director and star Michael B. Jordan’s proposal.

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Creed III grossed $58,370,007 in its opening weekend in the United States, making it the highest-grossing domestic release ever for a sports-based film, surpassing The Karate Kid (2010), Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith’s remake of the iconic 1984 film of the same name, which managed to gross just over $55 million when it opened.

Jonathan Majors & Michael B. Jordan - Creed III (2023)

Jordan already said last month that the fourth installment was on the way and, given the great commercial success that the saga assumes, it is not surprising that his idea is to further expand the universe of these films with new spins. -offs and sequels in the next few years. The franchise started by Sylvester Stallone in the 70s continues to be talked about, and it looks like it could still fight for several more rounds.

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