The catalog for the additional collection of titles no longer makes sense and will soon cease to exist

They are now available for download PS Plus Essential Games for May 2023, but the truth is that the PlayStation subscription service will suffer several losses throughout this month. I mean, the PS Plus Collection, the catalog of titles that’s been available to PS5 users since the console launched, is going away. because it no longer makes sense since the launch of the extra and premium levels of the service.

So I bring this article as a warning, since the 19 games that are available in this collection are real great games and you should have them before they are gone. I leave you with all the details below so you don’t miss the opportunity.

When will PS Plus Collection games go away?

  • This catalog of additional games will disappear on May 9
  • However, you can still get all their games before then

How can I get the games in the collection?

  • First of all, remember this is only available for PS5 users
  • enough that go to the PS Plus tab from the console itself and find the collection there (you will find it very easily, since it is in plain sight)
  • you can also access from the links of each game in the PS Store (I leave them to you below)
  • enough that add the games to your libraryyou won’t need to download them
  • When PS Plus Collection disappears, you will continue to have access to these games as long as you subscribe to any level of the service (Essential, Extra or Premium)

These are the 19 games in the PS Plus collection

The good thing is that if you download these games before May 9, you can have them available forever in your library, even if those available in PS Plus Extra and Premium eventually leave the service as part of their regular rotation. What do you say? Are you going to download them? I wouldn’t let the opportunity pass.

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