Businessman Rupert Murdoch launches his television channel: TalkTV. At 91, this owner of the tabloid The Sun and the American channel Globe Live Media launched Monday evening TalkTV, a television channel built around the video version of TalkRadio. The controversial Australian-American media mogul, known for making scandal and sex his business, more than his journalistic ethics, inspired the plot of the series Succession. TalkTV seems to be part of the ultra-conservative and sulphurous editorial line cultivated by Rupert Murdoch.

The slogan of this new channel gives us the tone of the programs: Straight talking start here, outspokenness starts here, in French. This channel was in fact designed to give information similar to that which can be read in the tabloids, those tabloids which the English love. TalkTV viewers will be able to find news programs as well as celebrity scoops and entertainment. The channel will be moderated in particular by journalists from the Sun and you Times.

Six programs have been launched since Monday. The main one, the one on which the channel is betting, is the program called Piers Morgan Uncensored. It is hosted by star Piers Morgan, who received £50m.

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