Mauro Muniz Urquizabetter known as Don Mauro, died at age 58, although the causes are still unknown. He was precisely a friend and professional colleagues, Luis Piedrahita, who announced the news: “Don Mauro has passed away. A pure and hard comedian, one of the usual. A committed, educated and competent guy. A classic. DEP”.

He was the son of journalists Urquiza Pigeon there Mauro Muniz and brother of the Socialist MEP Maria Muniz. He was one of the best-known faces of fiction in our country.

He began to get noticed with his monologues on Paramount Comedy, as early as 2000, which served as a springboard for other programs that made him very popular as a the funny hour con Joaquin Reyes, Ernest Seville oh Pablo Chiapaella.

He also appeared in many series such as the one who comes, Paco’s Men, without boobs there is no heaven oh Aida. Always with humor as a flag, we have also been able to see it in films like ghost hunters.

a complete artist

In addition, he was trained in classical piano and was a keyboardist for the mechanical goatthe group led by Lychees who always had nice words for him. Indeed, art flowed in his veins and he came to study two years at the Beaux-Arts.

He knew how to win the affection of his colleagues who in the last few hours have filled social networks with farewell messages, regretting such sad news.

“If the thunder sounds really loud it’s because someone got up there talking loud and clear. He was a great hugger and if he loved you he would let you know. Bye friend “, he shared JJ Vaquero, and he was not the only one. Many friends remember him and say goodbye to him after hearing the sad news.

We join in farewell and thank you for all the good times you have brought us through.

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