This Monday we were able freaking out with dating girls favorite singles from island of temptations with their friends in the last common bonfire. But the opposite remains to be seen, the meeting of the girls with the favorite singles of their boys.

So far we have seen how Sandra Barneda It was hard for him not to laugh when he saw the Clela with glasses in homage to Noemie.

“I think he deserves it, for all the good he’s done here,” he said of wearing glasses that night. Then the girls arrived. “I didn’t know it was a gathering of tarantulas.“Keyla told them as soon as she arrived with the girls.

And it remains to be seen how the inhabitants of Villa Paraíso react to these encounters. It will be in the next program. For now, we have seen some of the phrases that are going to be dedicated.

“I also want to take off my glasses like you, when I want, because up close (sex)”, Keyla dedicates to Naomi in reference to the constant sexual moments in which she played with Naples.

“You are very much in love with him flirting with another outside,” he told her. Myriam A lydia. “Laura, don’t worry if you didn’t win the beauty contest because you came first in the fake contest”, is what he dedicates to her. Irene A Laura.

“Who is Marina? It’s that alexander She told me so little about her that she didn’t put a face to you”, between Yaiza in action. It is clear that we will see, once again, a lot of tension in these matches. And after them, the reflections arrive in the two villas.

After the meetings

“Will you miss me? Naomi asks Napoli, who doubt it a bit. “Come on, no,” she finally answered herself. “Let him say it was one kiss. Sand you bothered him all over the houseAlejandro told one of his classmates about Laura. “Ever since the kiss with Keyla went wildAdrián appreciated the behavior of his motionless daughter.

What we don’t know yet is what weight these meetings will have in the final decision whether or not to give the last date for singles before the last bonfires. These 24 hours with hotel room included. From what we have been able to see, there are some who have taken advantage of it very well.

I thank you because you dared“Sandra Barneda tells the boys in their farewell before the end. “I hope you take a little bit of me with you, each of you has given me a lot. I take a little piece of each of you“, he tells the girls.

And so far we’ve only seen Laura’s cold reunion with Alejandro. He is already sitting at the stake and she arrives in silence and therefore sits in his, without exchanging a word with Alejandro who is unable to look at her. We started well.

It’s time to know the outcome of the couples and everything indicates that neither of them will survive or maybe the one of Manual there lydiabut it is not very clear.

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