Citadel is the new blockbuster First videoa television series created by the russian brothers and composed of 6 chapters which is destined to succeed. If you enjoy its spectacular story and action sequences, or if you are reading this article after finishing all the episodes, you are about to find out if there will indeed be a season 2 of Citadel. Will Prime Video have it renewed? Or is the series cancelled?

Will there be a season 2 of Citadel?

With over a month until Citadel premieres, The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed that the new Prime Video series starring Priyanka Chopra and Richard Madden will have a second season. An announcement that surprised everyone, and showed how much Prime Video trusted the project.

As of today, It’s unclear how many episodes will be part of Citadel Season 2, given that the first one only has 6 episodes.. The only thing that is certain is that there will be a continuation of a global project, to which other related series will be added and shot in different countries. The objective of First video is to build a global franchise with reverberating plots and stories, expanding the universe created by the russian brothers.

When does Citadel Season 2 premiere on Prime Video?

For now, The second season of Citadel has no release date, but as it was confirmed before the premiere of the first, it is likely that the wait will be less than expected. Now well, Citadel It’s a very complex action series to record, with spectacular sequences that require technical preparation. For this reason, New chapters in this series sweeping Prime Video may not be released until late 2024 or early 2025..

Citadel Season 2 Guaranteed – Confirmed by Prime Video on March 15, 2023

The first season of Citadel premiered on April 28, 2023., but its future is guaranteed from a month before. You can watch all Citadel episodes available through Prime Video.

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