Antonio Banderas I was right when LOS40 we asked him Shrek 5: “The continuity of this type of film is not up to us (the actors), it is up to the audience. If the audience likes it, and attends it, and theaters around the world fill up, the studio will continue to bet on it. . . It is the law of supply and demand” commented, referring to the fact that a possible blockbuster from Puss in Boots: The Last Wish This could be the reason that gave rise to continuing the adventures of the most famous ogre in cinema.

It seems its huge box office and Oscar nomination, along with general applause from the audience, have prompted Dreamworks to take the fact that Shrek is an institution for moviegoers seriously. If a sequel to Puss in Boots has done as well a decade after the release of the first, How could Shrek’s not work, given the success it continues to have today?

Well said and well done: Shrek 5 it’s already in progress, and despite the fact that it is in a very primitive phase, it is carried out in the most optimistic way possible. It was possible to know thanks to an interview in Variety A Chris MeledandriCEO of Illumination, now gearing up for the big launch of Super Mario Bros. The film— and Creative Partner at Dreamworks, who spoke about his plans to relaunch the Shrek franchise and how he wants to continue expanding it with more projects.

About this fifth part, has already confirmed that it will be a sequel and a reboot, so we can assume that it will be able to conquer lovers of the saga since the beginning of the 2000s with new viewers. Of course, don’t panic: the original characters will be kept, i.e. Mike Myers, Cameron Diaz there Eddie Murphy.

It’s unclear whether Antonio Banderas will also be in the project – although it wouldn’t be strange to see isa post-credits scene—, but everything indicates that Shrek, Fiona and Donkey will be the undisputed protagonists of this new foray into this curious world of fairy tales. The agreement with the interpreters is not yet concluded, but it seems particularly optimistic to achieve this: “We anticipate the cast will return. Talks are starting now, and all the indications we’ve received indicate there’s tremendous enthusiasm from the cast to return,” he added. comment.

The Donkey spinoff

As if that weren’t enough, the executive went further and echoed Eddie Murphy’s words a few months ago. And it is that when questioning him about his character, the actor did not hesitate to defend him when everyone praised the result of the sequel to The cat with boots: “If DreamWorks came up with another Shrek, I’d take it in two seconds. I love Donkey. They made Puss in Boots movies, they should have made a Donkey out of it, it’s funnier than Puss. I mean , I love Puss in Boots, but it’s not as funny as Donkey”.

These words are proof that Meledandri can be assured that at least one of his actors is repeating one of his best-known roles, although seeing Murphy’s desire to continue a solo film he leaves the door open for that as well. . “Without a doubt”, responds to making a solo tape on Donkey.

Even so, it’s clear that we won’t be seeing any movies anytime soon. But fans can breathe easy: there will be Shrek 5. Now well, Will it be as well received as Shrek 2 today?

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