The wait was worth it. After months of hype, we can finally listen to the novelty on repeat Chanel: Clavaso. The Hispano-Cuban singer has teamed up with one of Spain’s hottest artists to release her third single: Abraham Mateo And what a fusion!

After singing for the first time Clavaso at LOS40 Primavera Pop in Madrid and Barcelona, leaving all participants with their mouths open, We finally got to see the music video. And what fantasy!

Chanel and Abraham Mateo have brought back a song that has everything to succeed this summer: a pop with bachata rhythms whose chorus runs through your head from the first listen. A fantasy that they will soon play in all the clubs.

After the success of Slow motionwho finished third in Eurovision 2022, and the first of PuffChanel opted for a theme full of rhythm and melody for her third song. A perfectly chosen collaboration. And it is that Abraham Mateo turned out to be a true creator of hits. Just listen, I want to tell you where I’d like to check it out.

All visual references of Clavaso

To record Claavaiso, Chanel and Abraham Mateo relied on The Panda Bear Show: a popular production company among artists.

In the video clip, the artists present us with a kind of fight club with references reminiscent of video games like soulcaliburwhere the characters had to fight with weapons.

In fact, Chanel herself could be the receptionist at an underground fight club. Since then the singer appears in a kind of customer service showcase.

In this way, we see Chanel sharpening her weapons and then stepping out to give it her all in the ring. Of course, they change the fight for the dance.

Among the wrestlers is Chanel’s dance crew, who also go all out with their wonderful choreography once they enter wrestling territory. Plus, we see a red telephone that might remind us of the Cold War itself. And it is that a phone call could mean trouble. Will it mean the end, when Chanel is looking for him, that he has all his guns about to come out?

Also, the moment Chanel points the knife at Abraham Mateo reminds us a lot of The Mask of Zorro movie. To that dance that Antonio Banderas and Catherine Zeta.Jones fought

There may also be references to Kill Bill. The older man who appears could be Bill himself.

Without a doubt, Claavaiso by Chanel and Abraham Mateo has all the ingredients to become one of the hits of the season.

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